Permaculture Design Certificate Course

 Presented by The Foodscaper and Midwest Permaculture

September 30th to October 7th

HeartSong Farm, Eureka, MO - 30 minutes outside of St. Louis 

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This PDC Course consists of our Foundations of Permaculture Webinar Series plus 8 very full days of on-site certification! 

Image: Graduates of a Midwest Permaculture PDC Course

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture design is exemplified when there is a convergence of common sense, indigenous wisdom and appropriate technology.

The objective is to design livable systems for people and planet that support and mimic nature’s own ability to create real abundance with minimal and efficient work on our part.

More About Permaculture

What is the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) all about?

A comprehensive training provides a clear understanding of how we as humans can live fully and abundantly well, for ourselves and for others, while also leaving the planet in better condition because we were here on it. This is big stuff.

More About PDC

What will be covered in this course?

Starting with the basics, you'll learn about principles of permaculture and why we follow them.

We'll then move to deep dives into trees, water, soil, methods of design and more. We dig into climate factors, humane use of animals in permaculture systems, aquaculture, and more.

This course has a special focus on edible landscaping case studies and site visits.

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Who is presenting this PDC Course?

Midwest Permaculture

For 16 years, Midwest Permaculture's (MWP's) goal has been to deliver one of the most useful Permaculture Design Certificate courses available anywhere. The objective of good permaculture design and thinking is to support the transition of our society from a 'culture of consumption' into a 'culture of creation'.

MWP's goal is to guide our students in developing the observational skills, the knowledge, and the practical information to create sustainable gardens, homes, landscapes, farms, businesses, relationships, and communities – in essence – how to develop a more permanent-culture.

In the PDC we'll explore how we as humans and designers can provide many of the goods and services we need to live abundantly well — and do it in such a way that we leave the planet in better condition than when we arrived on it.  If each successive generation had left the planet in better condition, we would be living in a very amazing world today.

The Foodscaper

We are the online toolshed for professional edible landscapers. We provide training, networking and continuing education for edible landscaping professionals.

We are passionate about empowering more folks to learn to design, install and maintain edible landscapes for clients, for a living. 

A PDC with a Foodscaping Focus

A permaculture design certification offers foundational knowledge and experience for individuals seeking to provide edible landscaping services for clients.

The team at Custom Foodscaping (our sister business) will team with Midwest Permaculture to showcase foodscapes across St. Louis. 


 Instructor & Co-Founder of Midwest Permaculture

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Start Learning with Bill Today

We're sharing Bill's class from the 2022 Foodscaper Summit, "Using Google Earth to Quickly Gather Site Data for Design Projects."

Summit attendees told us that this was hands-down one of the most useful and valuable presentations. 

We're sharing it for free so you get a taste of Bill's expertise and teaching style. Enjoy!

"Bill is a unique and gifted teacher of Permaculture.

He greatly inspired me when I took his training in 2019 as I was launching my own foodscaping business.

He has hosted and/or taught over 100 PDC Courses now and for good reason.  He makes the subject real while also bringing it to life. He has a knack for taking the complicated and explaining it in ways that make it more easily understood and digestible.

I am so glad Bill has agreed to come and lead our first Foodscaper PDC course. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in building their foodscaping knowledge, and business, on rock-solid ground....and lead our first Foodscaper PDC course. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in building their foodscaping knowledge, and business, on rock-solid ground. Understanding the earthworks portion of the course is a game-changer in itself." 

Matt Lebon - Owner, Custom Foodscaping + The Foodscaper 


"Straight up, incredible.

Even as someone who was less than familiar with agriculture and has never spent time on a farm, I found it incredibly valuable.

Bill is a remarkable teacher, probably one of the most gifted teachers I’ve ever come across. I had no idea how impactful that would be in my selection of a permaculture course. He helps you understand the full picture at a micro and macro level… at both a logical and emotional level. He ensures everyone follows along. He’s funny. He’s passionate. He’s engaging.

I never thought 9-hours a day in class would be so easy. I wish this course were mandatory for everyone as a citizen of the world. I understand the world around me differently for this course and highly recommend it for all."

Katlin Smith - Founder and CEO of Simple Mills



Who's hosting?

This course is hosted by The Foodscaper Program Director Lindsay Wolff and her husband Nathan Wolff at their farm in Eureka, Missouri, 30 minutes southwest of St. Louis.

Open Camping and Meals Included

The price of registration includes plenty of free camping space in common grassy areas and the provision of all your meals beginning with lunch on the first Saturday. Our host prepares our meals with many organic and locally sourced foods and always has a vegetarian option.
Are you vegan or gluten-free?  Food allergies? Just let us know when you register and we'll will gladly accommodate your diet.

Toilets, filtered water and an every-other-day shower (due to well limits) will be available in the farmhouse on-site. 

As an alternative to camping, students may consider staying at the Holiday Inn Six Flags, a ten minute drive from the farm.


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The Rundown...

Check-in and Registration starts on Saturday, September 30

Arrive between 9:30-12:30 in the morning, course starts promptly at 1:00 p.m. A light lunch will be offered around noon.

Once the course starts we will be full-on for the entire week so arrive on the early side, get setup  and relax a bit before this permaculture adventure begins.   (More details regarding being at the course will be sent to registered students 3-4 weeks before the training dates.)

Course ends at noon on Saturday, October 7th



Daily Schedule

  • Breakfast: 7:15 am 
  • Class: 8:15 am
  • Lunch Break: 12:15 pm
  • Class: 2:00 pm
  • Dinner Break:  5:00 pm 
  • Class: 7:00 pm
  • End: 9:00 pm

Foodscaping Field Trips 

In an effort to learn more about permaculture inspired edible landscapes, the group will tour sites across the St. Louis region including:

- EarthDance Organic Farm School

- A local foodscaped restaurant

- Homescale food forest

- and more!

Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

"An exceptional course by one of the leading experts in permaculture design.

One of the best investments I’ve made in my own education and the development of our homestead." - S B

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