Free Continuing Ed for Pro Foodscapers

Free Continuing Ed for Pro Foodscapers

Introducing The Toolshed Webinar Series:

November 2022 - January 2023 


In the emerging field of professional foodscaping, it can be a challenge to find resources to improve your technical edible landscaping skills, problem solve around expensive and time consuming mistakes and grow your business. 

The Toolshed is your free webinar series for pro level foodscaping education. 

Here's how it works:

1. Sign up for the webinars - they're all free!

2. Learn from experienced foodscaping professional with a 30-40 minute presentation.

3. Ask our featured guests questions at the end of each session.

We hope you'll join us!

Getting started with Productive Urban Landscapes


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LIVE Tuesday, November 22, 12pm-1pm CT

Join Jamie Rosenthal, Founder of Roots Down, for a shortened version of the Grower Program Level 1 Maintenance certification. The Grower Program is a series of certifications for landscapers.

Rewatch available until 11/22/2023

REWATCH: Highlighting Commercial Projects

Join presenter Matt Lebon, founder of Custom Foodscaping in St. Louis, MO, to study and learn about commercial foodscaping case studies. Commercial projects can offer foodscaping companies consistent work and cash flow!

Rewatch available until 11/8/2023

REWATCH: Designing, Building, and Maintaining the Country's Largest Food Forest

Mike McCord, from Community Foodscapes in Atlanta GA, will present and be available for questions. This will be a great webinar for foodscapers interested in designing and installing food forests for clients!

Rewatch available until 11/15/2023

REWATCH: Water Management in Foodscapes

Gabriel Hahn, water manager at Custom Foodscaping, presents on the ways water management creates a foundation for successful foodscapes.

Rewatch available until 12/14/2023

REWATCH: Marketing for Foodscapers

LIVE Wednesday, January 4, 3pm - 4pm CT

Tommy Quintero, of Ag at Home and Conscious Content Clips will lay out the basics of marketing your foodscaping business.

Rewatch available until 1/4/2024

REWATCH: Highlighting Residential Projects + Ask the Client

LIVE Monday, January 16, 2pm - 3pm CT

Matt Lebon, of Custom Foodscaping, is joined by CF residential customer Dr. Becca Chibnall to chat about what makes a successful foodscaping experience for customers.

Rewatch available until 1/16/2024