Kickass Install Days:

hacks and strategies

with master foodscaper Gabriel Hahn

Ready to rock your install days?

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An efficient install starts with thoughtful prep...

Get ready to tighten up your installation day operations! 

In this free presentation, you'll learn how to:

  • set yourself up for success with planning and staging prep
  • learn to delegate
  • care for your team's wellbeing on the job
  • create repeatable layouts and templates so everyone's on the same page¬†
  • learn body awareness and proper tool techniques¬†
  • avoid common pitfalls¬†
  • learn hacks that will seriously save time
  • learn¬†the vital tools every foodscaper needs¬†
  • invest in your people so they leave the job feeling respected and utilized well - and ready to come back and do it again tomorrow!


Who this is for...

  • Anyone working on a crew
  • install managers
  • ecological design entrepreneurs
  • aspiring foodscapers wanting a window into the inner workings of an install day¬†

Note: this is a recording of Gabriel's presentation from the 2024 Foodscaper Conference