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Get in front of our audience of ecological edible landscaping professionals 

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"Every week, clients and community members ask our team for recommendations - for seeds, tools, nurseries and more.

Pro foodscapers are influential guides who customers look to when deciding where to buy."

- Matt Lebon, owner, Custom Foodscaping and The Foodscaper 

Reach leaders in the growing foodscaping industry

About this webinar series...

The Foodscaper's Toolshed webinar series offers consistent and free continuing ed for ecological edible landscaping professionals at all stages of their careers.

The webinar series:

  • is taught by leading edible landscaping professionals
  • runs 1-2x / month
  • attracts a 14K reach on social media posts
  • enrolls 150 - 160 sign ups per webinar (and growing!)
  • is attended by a captive audience looking for the best products, seeds and tools to use in the field!

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  Who will I connect with as a webinar sponsor?

  • Foodscaping professionals and business owners¬†looking to up their game and network with industry players
  • New and aspiring foodscapers¬†who are just taking on their first clients
  • Professional landscapers¬†who want to integrate more edible plants into their services
  • Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Graduates¬†ready to take the next step in their career
  • Horticulture students¬†looking to learn more about foodscaping as a career option
  • Homesteaders and serious hobbyist¬†who want to monetize their skillset
  • Other industry players¬†looking to work on more foodscaping projects
  • Landscapers interested in bringing more eco-conscious practices to their jobs

  What's included in a webinar sponsorship?

Sponsor a webinar for $300. Our team will work with you to determine which webinar you'd like to sponsor. 

That includes:

  • Company name and logo in all marketing and branding of the webinar - that includes social media and our high engagement newsletter¬†
  • Company name in title¬† "Selecting Foodscaping Plants: Presented by (your company name)"
  • Mention of your company name at the start and end of each webinar
  • Opportunity for sponsor to offer our audience a gift, deal or coupon to webinar guests
  • 5 minutes of "air time" in which our team shares a sponsor message, video clip or any other media of your choice. We're happy to make a personal plug for why we love your product!¬†
Sponsor a Webinar

New to Foodscaping?

Foodscaping is an emerging field destined to be a household term well within the next decade.

Foodscapers design, install, and maintain ecological food-producing landscapes with a goal of transforming ordinary urban and suburban spaces into abundant and delicious food-producing landscapes.