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Learn how suburban landowners want to pay you to convert their lawns into food

Matt Lebon, owner of Custom Foodscaping, shares his team's process for guiding clients though the entire foodscaping journey.

In this quick, time-saving 30 minute class, you'll can expect to:

  1. learn how to get clients 
  2. see how his team replies to consultation requests
  3. learn from the questionnaire Custom Foodscaping sends its new clients
  4. explore what happens during a consultation
  5. see examples of proposals
  6. study CF's process for invoicing, payments and scheduling 
  7. get a quick overview of CF's install and maintenance program 
  8. receive free handouts to guide your own process 

Join The Foodscaper Summit, 2023

Ready to scale your foodscaping business? Or maybe you're trying to figure out how to find your first clients for the 2023 season? Create your dream job of designing, building and maintaining ecological edible landscapes for clients, for a living.

January 18th - 19th, All Virtual

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What's happening at the Summit in 2023?

The upcoming summit is two completely packed days of learning from foremost foodscaping experts. They get into the nitty-gritty of how their own businesses work, and what you can do to create your profitable foodscaping business. Here are some of the 20+ sessions, panels, and events you can attend:

Chia-Ming ditched corporate life to found Coastal Homestead. Learn all about creating a sustainable financial strategy.

Josh, owner and founder of Edible Eden Baltimore Foodscapes, grew his business while growing his family and breaks down how he did it (and why!) in his summit session.

Dig into the differences (and similarities!) between conventional landscaping and foodscaping with Tim, of Hatchet & Seed, who has experience with both.

Learn from Ian, owner and found of Portland Edible Gardens, how you can offer profitable garden maintenance and education services.

And more...


Are you...?

  • A foodscaping professional or business owner looking to grow their operations 
  • A new or aspiring foodscaper who is just taking on their first clients
  • A professional landscaper who wants to learn more ecological practices and expand their plant palette
  • A Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Graduate ready to take the next step in your career as a designer and installer
  • A horticulture student looking to learn more about foodscaping as a career option
  • A homesteader or serious hobbyist who wants to monetize their skillsets
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Permaculture Ideology, Capitalism, and an Exit Strategy

In his session, Josh Rosenstein vulnerably shares detailed numbers from his business and discusses the challenges Edible Eden Baltimore Foodscapes has faced and solutions the team has tried. This 10 minute sample is just a taste of Josh's session that's packed with information you can't miss if you're starting or scaling your Foodscaping business.

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