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"Sourcing Foodscaping Plants"

Learn where to find the best foodscaping plant varieties on the market


Sourcing quality foodscaping plants isn't always as easy as shopping at your local nursery. And forget about the Big Box stores carrying resilient and regionally appropriate edible plants!

It's taken our team at Custom Foodscaping years to identify the nurseries that carry plants we feel confident planting for clients. 

In this webinar, Matt will be sharing some of the uncommon edibles he uses on-repeat in his designs, where to shop, and what to look for when ordering.

Then, he'll show you how he enters plants into a budget and tracks them on an inventory sheet. 

We’ll wrap up the webinar with questions and open the floor for nursery and plant recommendations from guests. 

Side note: Attendees of the live webinar received our nursery and lumber inventory template for free as a gift for attending. You can purchase the product for $30 here.

This formatted and customizable Google Sheet is the same system Matt’s crew references several times a day to save time and stay organized.


Craving more foodscaping skills training?

Stay tuned to our Toolshed series where we offer free continuing ed for edible landscaping professionals 

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