Luci Imbach: Foodscaper Spotlight

business entrepreneur featured foodscaper Apr 04, 2024

Luci Imbach

Owner/ Operator
Island Harvest Vegetable Gardens

How did you learn about foodscaping?

Before I started IHVG, I worked on a farm.  During workdays I would binge "Encyclopedia Botanica"- a podcast created by the founders of Seattle Urban Farm Co.  They were the first foodscaping company I'd come across, and after learning about them, I did some instagram sleuthing and followed as many other foodscapers as I could find.

What was the turning point that led you down the road to make this your career?

I was working at a farm and loving it, but I knew that I didn't want to be a farmer forever.  While helping a friend do some work for a gardening company out here on Nantucket, I saw how big the landscaping industry was on the Island.  I realized that edible landscaping could be the key to doing what I love and making a solid living doing it.

Name a couple of challenges that you face on the job.

For me, logistics and efficiency are always my biggest challenges.  I feel like I'm always trying to think ten steps ahead, especially on build projects, to make sure that everything goes smoothly, I have all of the materials I need when I need them, I'm not having to correct mistakes, etc.  The real challenge is not draining myself mentally in the process.

What are the most joyful parts of your job?

There's a lot of joy to be found in foodscaping.  I really love making vegetable gardens look good- creating a place that's exciting and enjoyable to be in.  Taking a client's garden from a place of confusion and stress to a place of success and enjoyment is a good feeling. 

What’s next?  Name a personal or professional goal(s) that you’re working on this year.

I'm working on continuing to expand our maintenance program while also taking on a solid lineup of build projects for the off-season.  My goal is to completely book out our build project calendar for the Fall/Winter by the end of our maintenance season.  I'm also looking to incorporate produce donations into our maintenance routine (to our local food bank), which would be new this year.  I hope to be able to give clients an outlet for their excess garden produce and do our part to fight food insecurity on Nantucket.