Four Podcast Episodes We Love

business edible landscaping plants entrepreneur maintenance permaculture Aug 02, 2022

We are big fans of podcasts at The Foodscaper!

Here are four episodes that explore the many dimensions of this vocational path: permaculture beyond the PDC, the business side of foodscaping, maintenance pro tips, and the keys to successful backyard edible landscapes. 

What episodes would you add to this list? 

1. Erik Ohlsen on The Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann 

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Description: "My guest for this episode is Erik Ohlsen, founder of Permaculture Artisans and co-founder and executive director of Permaculture Skills Center in Sebastopol, California. A previous guest on the show, he joins me today to examine the idea of what it means to gain a permaculture rooted education that takes our practices beyond an introductory level." (


2. Nathan Fournier on The business side of regenerative landscaping and community restoration, Regenerative Skills podcast

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Description: "In this interview, we unpack all of the potential in offering ecological repair and optimisation services and just how many interests and skill sets that it can accommodate. Nathan gives some great insights into the business end of things which is often where permaculture design courses and other ecological learning leaves off. There are also a large range of side businesses that can help to support the transformation of whole communities through the production of high quality seeds, trees, compost, tools, and much more, so this really serves to open a range of options outside of just farming and gardening for people looking for career paths to support this movement." (


3. Designing & Maintaining Edible Landscapes with Hilary Dahl from the Encyclopedia Botanica Podcast

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Description: "With the summer solstice around the corner, Maggie and Dave start today's episode feeling nostalgic for last season as they reminisce on the podcast from one year ago. Tune into last year's summer solstice episode where The Grow Guide chats about square foot gardening! Dave then shares what he loves most about his garden at this time of year while Maggie walks listeners through the behind-the-scenes for her own homestead. From there the duo are joined by this week's guest who is a fellow-podcaster (host of the Encyclopedia Botanic) and landscape architect from Seattle Urban Farm Co, Hilary Dahl. Hilary shares her secrets to maintaining and beautifying your edible garden, including the keys to success, her favourite flowers to throw in the mix and a garden tool she can't live without." (


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Description: "Ben Barkan, founder of Home Harvest Edible Landscapes and Construction, presents a how-to workshop exploring ways to seamlessly integrate food crops into your backyards." (Wellesley Public Media You Tube