Business Coaching with Matt Lebon,

Owner, Custom Foodscaping

Matt Lebon is a proud St. Louis native with over ten years of farming and gardening experience. Matt got his start with farming as a Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay. He went on to study permaculture and work on several farms in Israel and Brooklyn, NY. Over the years, Matt has become a practitioner and instructor on edible landscaping, organic agriculture, orcharding, and permaculture design.  For five seasons Matt worked at the EarthDance Organic Farm School until he left his role of farm manager in 2017. Now with CF, Matt is most passionate about creating magical food moments in the everyday places we work, learn and play.


Custom Foodscaping provides consultation, design, and installation services to realize your edible landscaping, farm and garden or permaculture goals.

We specialize in raised bed vegetable gardens, food forests, orchards, herb gardens, culinary gardens and profitable vegetable farms. We love to work with residential clients as well as institutions including schools, universities, hospitals, community centers and restaurants.

Testimonials from Foodscapers who've worked with Matt Lebon


"My coaching session with Matt focused on ways to refine my pricing and services. He was super easy to talk to, positive, and encouraging, and very generously shared his own processes within Custom Foodscaping.

We talked about the importance of being clear on what I’m specializing in for not only a happier, more balanced life for myself, but also reflected on what kind of clientele my marketing is attracting and thought through ways I could steer my focus to better meet my profit goals without burning myself out. 

Overall, it was extremely validating to connect with someone who has been doing similar work for a bit longer than me, is making a profit, and who understands my lived reality!"

Ashley Joyce, Owner, Bend Urban Gardens

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