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Want to make a living as an edible landscaper?

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Learn from the leading experts in edible landscaping

Create your dream job of designing, building and maintaining edible landscapes for clients, for a living 



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You'll discover how to...


  • Create a foodscaping business
  • Design, plant and maintain edible gardens for clients
  • Study and learn from successful case studies
  • Deepen your knowledge of raised beds, water management systems & foodscaping plants
  • Create a distinctive niche for your business
  • Meet an expert panel of experienced foodscapers
  • Connect and network with mentors and peers
  • and so much more!

Meet foodscapers making a living doing what they love

These business owners share their rave reviews from last year's summit...


Who is the Foodscaper Summit for?

  • Foodscaping professionals & business owners looking to up their game and network with industry players
  • New and aspiring foodscapers who are just taking on their first clients
  • Professional landscapers who want to integrate more edible plants into their services
  • Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Graduates ready to take the next step in their career
  • Horticulture students looking to learn more about foodscaping as a career option
  • Homesteaders and serious hobbyist who want to monetize their skillset
  • Other industry players looking to work on more foodscaping projects

2023 Summit Presenters

Zach Loeks

Edible Ecosystem Design

Brandy Hall

Shades of Green Permaculture

Nicole Burke


Matt Lebon

Custom Foodscaping

Ian Wilson

Portland Edible Landscapes

Nate Kleinman

Experimental Farm Network

Joshua Clae Wagler

Edible Landscapes Design

Christiana Paoletti

The Backyard Farm Company

Laura Sweany

Raintree Nursery

Jeremy Lekich

Nashville Foodscapes


The Lifecycle of a Foodscaping Client

Video Poster Image

Learn to manage clients from the first hello to install day

Matt, owner of Custom Foodscaping, shows how his company skillfully works with clients.

From marketing to consultations to making the sale, he walks you through it all.


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We Are The Foodscaper


We're the professional foodscaper's one-stop-shop for professional development.

Our mission: to support professionals who design, build and install edible landscapes for clients, for a living.

We offer courses, webinars, a podcast (coming soon!), articles and a free professional community for networking. 

Here's what 2022 summit attendees had to say about their experience:

"Loved it. So much value from this. Left feeling inspired and excited to have several people I know to contact now for discussion and advice."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Fabulous first year."

"[The summit] reassured me of a niche I have been working towards in the landscaping field. Looking forward to more."

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