Want to turn your passion for growing food into a profession?

 Join us for

The Foodscaper Summit

January 18 & 19

 All virtual


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Attend this interactive summit if: 

  • You want to streamline and scale your edible landscaping business
  • You're struggling to make your foodscaping business profitable 
  • You're eager to engage with experts and ask questions about your most pressing problems
  • Your dream of having a job that's part of the climate solution 


Get a peek into how Josh created profitable systems while maintaining the ethics of earth care, people care & fair share

Watch a clip from Josh Rosenstein, owner of Edible Eden



Invest in your team, your clients and your ecological impact


At the summit, learn how to:

  • Create a foodscaping business
  • Design, plant and maintain edible gardens for clients
  • Study and learn from successful case studies
  • Deepen your knowledge of raised beds, water management systems & foodscaping plants
  • Create a distinctive niche for your business
  • Meet an expert panel of experienced foodscapers
  • Connect and network with mentors and peers
  • and so much more!
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Meet foodscapers who attended our last summit...


Melissa scaled her business and made lasting connections

Ashley received business guidance that saved her time and money 

Katie picked the brains of industry leaders

Watch a full summit class + get helpful downloads

Save yourself time and work with Custom Foodscaping's process for funneling clients from the first hello to the final invoice


Are you...?

  •  A foodscaping professional or business owner looking to grow their operations 
  • A new or aspiring foodscaper who is just taking on their first clients
  • A professional landscaper who wants to learn more ecological practices and expand their plant palette
  • A Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Graduate ready to take the next step in your career as a designer and installer
  • A horticulture student looking to learn more about foodscaping as a career option
  • A homesteader or serious hobbyist who wants to monetize their skillsets
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Wednesday, January 18th

7:30am CT

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Morning Coffee Meet and Greet

Connect with other foodscapers! 

8:00 am CT

A message from Matt Bollinger, Director of IT and Digital Marketing at Stark Bro's Nurseries

8:30am CT

Beyond the Veggie Garden: Easy to Integrate Perennial Fruits and Perennial Vegetables 

Matt Lebon
Custom Foodscaping

Permaculture Ideology, Capitalism and an Exit Strategy: what kind of edible landscaping business do you want to build?

Josh Rosenstein, Edible Eden Baltimore Foodscapes

Watch a clip

10:00am CT

Early Stage Foodscapers

Ashley Joyce, Bend Urban Gardens
Sophia Hasan, Culinary Gardens
Taylor Logsdon,  Loggy's Edible Landscapes

11:00pm CT

Business Skills for Foodscapers: Scaling Up and Scaling Down

Jeremy Lekich
Nashville Foodscapes

Garden Club Subscriptions as Alternative Income Streams

Tiayonna Liska
Carolina Garden Coaching

12:00pm CT

Breeding New Perennial Crops (presented LIVE, recording available later)

Nate Kleinman
Experimental Farm Network

Case Studies in Permaculture

Brandy Hall
Shades of Green Permaculture

2:00pm CT

How to Work with Subcontractors

Katie Carey, Columbus Foodscapes
Melissa Wilsford, Rustic Hills Garden Co.

4:00pm CT

How to Sell Garden Consulting (Without Being Salesy)

Nicole Burke

Edible Eco-system Landscaping: Design Theory and Project Examples

Zach Loeks
Edible Ecosystem Design

5:30pm CT

Utilizing Sub-Irrigation for Saving Water and Transforming Paved and Urban Spaces

Wesley Hooper
LifeSpace Gardens

Foolproof Plant for Foodscape Design

Laura Sweany
Raintree Nursery

Thursday, January 19th

8:00 am CT

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8:45 am CT

Get to know Peaceful Heritage Nursery's foodscaping plant offerings.

9:00am CT

Raised Bed Design & Sketch Up

Mike Bennett & Sage Forte, Backyard Eats

Designing for Maximum Yield

Megan Christian, Midwest Permaculture 

10:00am CT

Scaling Your Foodscaping Business

Amber Fuqua, Nashville Foodscapes
Dave Scandurra, Cape Cod Edible Landscapes
Josh Rosenstein, Edible Eden Baltimore Foodscapes

12:00pm CT

Foodscaper Financial Strategy 101

Chia-Ming Ro
Coastal Homestead

Profitable Drainage Solutions for Your Foodscape

Mike McCord
Community Foodscapes

1:00pm CT

Converting Your Lawn into an Abundant Ecosystem

Nate Fournier,
HomeHarvest Central MA

Conventional Landscaping vs. Foodscaping: Similarities and Differences You Need to Know For Increased Efficiency

Tim Windle, Hatchet & Seed

High Yield Vegetable Gardening

Christiana Paoletti,
The Backyard Farm Company

2:00pm CT

Business Skills for Foodscapers

Jeremy Lekich, Nashville Foodscapes
Brandy Hall, Shades of Green Permaculture 
Nathan Ballentine, Overalls

5:00pm CT

LIVE Happy hour!

Close out the summit with a Zoom gathering with your new foodscaper friends! This is a fun opportunity to ask your peers questions, network and make new connections. Join us!

4:00pm CT

Providing Vegetable Garden Maintenance and Education Services

Ian Wilson
Portland Edible Gardens


"There (is) a huge hunger for all of us foodscapers to come together and support each other." 

Matt Lebon talking to Susan Poizner on the Urban Forest Radio Show

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