Kickstart your dream foodscaping business the simple way


Does the "admin" part of working with clients feel overwhelming? 


The emails, the contracts, the intake forms, the bidding...


Let our Foodscaping Business Starter Pack doing the heavy lifting for you.


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Save yourself hours and frustration with our (amazing) budgeting and bidding spreadsheet 

This tool took the Custom Foodsaping crew years to fine-tune. It's the gold star of this product! 



Use our email and contract templates  - just adapt them to work for your business!




Learn exactly how to guide a client from the first hello to the final invoice




Let's get your dream edible landscaping business up and running! 

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From Matt:

"If I had these tools when I was first starting out, it would have freed me up to grow my business so much more quickly. These offerings amount to years of work."

 Matt Lebon, Owner of Custom Foodscaping 

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Here's what you get:

1. "Lifecycle of a Foodscaping Client" class

Matt Lebon shares exactly how Custom Foodscaping gets clients and manages them for a five-star-worthy experience from start to finish 

2. Our spreadsheet for budgeting and bidding that you can edit and make your own

This is a jackpot tool for foodscapers of all levels. This master sheet saves serious time, brings in more profit and shows you how much you should be charging. 

3. Intake forms, email scripts and contracts

Learn from and adapt Custom Foodscaping's client-facing documents - we did all the admin work so you don't have to! 

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