$80.00 USD

You can also get the bundle of live panels from The Foodscaper Summit 2023 to learn even more about getting started, scaling your business, and working with subcontractors.

Build a Better Foodscaping Business

A Foodscaper Summit 2023 Session Bundle

This bundle of select sessions focuses on how you can build a better foodscaping business. Included sessions are:

  • Permaculture Ideology, Capitalism and an Exit Strategy: what kind of edible landscaping business do you want to build? with Josh Rosenstein of Edible Eden Baltimore Landscapes
  • How to Sell Garden Consulting (Without Being Salesy) with Nicole Burke of Gardenary 
  • Business Skills for Foodscapers: Scaling up and Scaling Down with Jeremy Lekich of Nashville Foodscapes
  • Selling and Managing Jobs Over Six Figures with Nate Fournier of HomeHarvest

These recordings are available to view and purchase until February 15, 2024.