$100.00 USD

Foodscaping Business Starter Pack

Does starting a foodscaping business from scratch feel intimidating? Or like a lot of work? (That's because it is!)

No worries! Let our starter pack doing the heavy lifting for you.

This product offers the pre-scripted emails and tool you need to jumpstart your edible landscaping business. 

In this starter pack, the team at Custom Foodscaping shares all the tools they use during their client's lifecycle, from the first hello to the final invoice.

What you'll get:

  • A class from Matt Lebon, sharing how Custom Foodscaping gets clients and manages clients and jobs to completion
  • Intake form and design questionnaire examples 
  • Scripts to use when setting up consultations and contracts with clients
  • Custom Foodscaping's master budgeting and bidding tool that took years to create! 
  • Please note that Custom Foodscaping and The Foodscaper are presenting these tools and documents as suggested templates and assume no responsibility for how a purchaser may adapt or use them with their own clients.