$1,595.00 USD

PDC 2023


1. Use FOODSCAPERPDC for $150 off before July 30, 2023 

2. Friends and family deal!

Upon purchase of your ticket, you'll receive an additional promo code to share with a friend or family member. 

For purchases before July 30, friends and family take $450 off their ticket. (early bird + friend discount!) 

For purchases made after July 30, friends and family take $300 off their ticket. 


Reach out to Lindsay Wolff at [email protected] 


About the PDC:

This comprehensive training provides a clear understanding of how we as humans can live fully and abundantly well, for ourselves and for others, while also leaving the planet in better condition because we were here on it. This is big stuff.

Learn more about what's covered in this PDC here

A note from our hosts at HeartSong Farm.

Attendees will be required to sign this waiver form before entering the property. The farm owners were unable to secure insurance for this event due to overnight camping, so a signed liability form is asked of guests.