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Learn to Select the Optimal Edible Landscaping Plants for Your Designs

This bundle includes the following classes: 

  • An Overview of Edible Perennials for the Foodscape, Dave Scandurra, Edible Landscapes of Cape Cod

    In this presentation, Dave will present a broad overview of edible perennial plants that can be incorporated into the foodscape. From the old stanbys to the experimental, Dave will cover a wide array of different edible perennials. This presentation will cover trees, shrubs, vines, perennial vegetables, groundcovers, root crops and more. And he'll also present other lists/categories like medicinal plants, trees with edible leaves, plants for shade, sun, moist soil, dry soil, etc. Most of the information presented will be relevant to hardiness zones 5-7 (His homebase is Cape Cod, Massachusetts, zone 6b/7a). Dave has grown and eaten most of the plants he will discuss, but not all. His side hobby/passion is collecting and propagating edible perennial plants, so he's very passionate on the subject! He will also talk about other pros and cons of perennial edible plants and be able to answer any questions people have.
  • Foodscaping Plant Selection for Zones 5-7, Matt Lebon, Custom Foodscaping

    Some plants are well suited to edible landscaping, and others not so much. I'll discuss which foodscaping plants can thrive by region.
  • Growing Mushrooms In Your Foodscape, Megan Christian, Midwest Permaculture

    In this talk, Megan will go over what species are easiest to start growing, a few different cultivation methods, and how to integrate a small scale mushroom cultivation system into a garden/landscape design. She will also touch briefly on how mushrooms interact with and benefit the environment around them. We will explore:

    - a few "inoculation" (essentially, planting) techniques, including:
    Log inoculation techniques- Choosing an area, what mushrooms work with what wood, design practices (totems, towers, etc), supplies needed.

    - Soil/other inoculation techniques- Best species, how mycorrhizal mushrooms grow with plants, soil drenches, how saprobes help garden beds, how even parasites can be desirable (Huitlacoche)

    - Container growing- What is the process like, what species can you grow like this, supplies needed, pros and cons.

  • Recorded live panel: Edible Landscapes

    Topics discussed: Ecological edible landscaping, plants, soil, fruit trees, landscape management
  • Snackyard Revolution in the Southeast, Sarah Jackson and Daniel Mobley, Thyme to Party 

    We will focus on fruit trees and other perennial edibles that can be grown in our climate, highlighting the best varieties. We'll also discuss how to integrate them into traditional and edible landscapes as well as food forrest designs. Finally, we will talk about maintenance of these plants and how to help them thrive.